Farbod efter 1-år jubileet på Hemma Hos

Working with post-it:s! Love it. Have spent two days in the capital city Stockholm, working to put together lists of what the young in Sweden want politicians to do, and how they want it done. Almost 600 lists with different answers came in! Nice people, nice food, nice place to hang out. Starting to love Stockholm to much.


Swedish student councils - SVEA (Sveriges Elevråd SVEA) held it’s annual general meeting, and I was there to document.


SS-personnel of Auschwitz

Hipster, 80:s, värme osv. Tagen för någon vecka sedan. Sitter och funderar över livet just nu. Hade behövt lite pengar och en massa kärlek, men that’s life typ.

Besök i min morbrors lägenhet. Första gången, det är fint.

Tar mig ett försök på tumblr till, dock kör jag på svenska ett tag, pga. lathet.

My photo made the front-page of the B/Culture-part of the magazine I’m doing my practice at. It feels pretty good!

Planning and layout at the newspaper. And that’s my pictures!

At my training. Done one job today, been to Lunch. Ran into a friend, so that is nice! Now I’m just trying to kill some time.